We, at Talent Tool and Die, Inc. and United Wire E.D.M, specialize in many areas of services which include, but are not limitied to, metal stamping, welding, and die cutting. With our qualified staff and eningeers, Talent Tool & Die, Inc. and United Wire E.D.M. work step by step with our customers to ensure that quality products reaches their satisfaction. Send in your blueprints or allow our engineers to assist in design properties and manufacturing plans that will best fit your ideal business product. We will proceed with creating a prototype for your approval. Let us be the last piece to your solution.​

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Talent Tool & Die, Inc. will work with you step by step to ensure that your final stamped and assembled products are produced with the greatest quality. Send in your blueprints so that a die can be constructed and the first prototype can be made. Once approved by you, mass production can progress. 

With our assembly department, we can find different ways to keep your projects cost effective.

Metal & Structural Fabrication

Talent Tool & Die, Inc. is experienced in metal and structural fabrication and welding. Like all of our other processes, we will work with our customer to ensure that your ideal product is made. 

Typical materials include: hot roll, cold roll, HSLA, aluminum, galvanize and stainless steal. 

Wire Electrial Discharge Machining

United Wire E.D.M, a company that coincides with Talent Tool & Die, Inc., has been providing high quality services for E.D.M. products since 1987. With four wire E.D.Ms, United Wire E.D.M. is able to provide prototypes and production parts to customers' satisfaction.

Laser Cutting

For nearly 30 years, United Wire E.D.M, has also been providing high quality services for laser cutting products. Services range from short run to long run and prototype.

Tool Builder

Our experienced tooling and engineering department specializes in designing and manufacturing tooling for the process of creating manufacturing production. 



Talent Tool & Die, Inc. is experienced in the mass production of plastic products. With our mold building and design process, we have delivered optimal performance and quality towards plastic production.